A Little About Me

Having over ten years of experience in the Information Technology industry, I have excelled as a front-end developer in visual and interactive design. I am highly skilled in designing detail-oriented and engaging interfaces for websites and applications. From initial comprehensives and concepts to final deployment, I am meticulous with every pixel as I am with every single line of code.

My traditional drawing and illustration skills are more than just an asset in designing and development. They allow for more creativity and artistic expression in my design work. They are strong enough to comprise conceptual artwork. As an artist and designer I am constantly striving in perfecting these important skills.

I am dedicated, confident, and endowed with a strong work ethic. Curious about life's little mysteries. And always happy to learn new skills and tools.


  • High proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Lead interface designer in development of a web application of company-wide time tracking tools that included timesheets, expenses, and tasks management
  • Re-branding endeavour for a company which included design for logo, website, marketing materials
  • High skill level in traditional drawing and illustration
  • Fluent in spanish